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I've lived most of my life in California and Nevada. As a consequence, my stories take place on sunny beaches and in cities such as Las Vegas. Some of you have asked about the common appearance of Las Vegas as a setting in my books. I do find it to be a fascinating and unique city. (And yes, I was married in Nevada).

About my marriage: We met in college and we have three kids. My kids have definitely affected my writing. I try to write things I wouldn't mind them reading as they grow up... Usually, I manage to meet that standard.

People have asked me about my varied taste in writing. It's true that many authors pick one genre or topic and write about it steadily throughout their careers. I've been blessed (or cursed, depending on how you look at it) with a tendency to enjoy many flavors of fiction. I've been further gifted with the urge to write in many flavors as well. Hopefully, everyone will be able to find something they like in my menagerie of stories.

An Ode to the Life of the Indie Author: by B. V. Larson (Summer, 2013)

Ah, the fulltime Indie-Writer Cycle...it's always the same. You lay your egg, dress it up and send it off into the cruel world. You're full of worry that it will tank or get slammed.

Wickedly slow during those first few days, it begins to catch on and rises up and up. Finally, briefly, you start to feel good.

Then it begins to hover, still floating. You have fantasies it will breakthrough or stay up there for longer than the usual 2 weeks. Then a few good reviews come in, and it pushes up a little higher still. Now it's at the peak, but you dare indulge yet more fantasies: This book will be different. This book will hang on forever!

It begins to drop about a month in. At first, you don't believe it. Maybe it teases you, jumping back up the charts for a day or two. But inevitably, the evil system does its work. Like a movie at the local theater, after a month your book is old news. Age sinks in its teeth, and the vampire begins to feed. Your best customers have long ago come and gone. Every day it falls earthward. You don't even want to look at the rank anymore, it's too upsetting. The readers are still coming in, but the main crowd has moved on. They're all talking about some pretty, cheap little package elsewhere--not your tired two-month-old fossil.

At last, you admit the ride is over, and you have to remind yourself it's not such a bad way to live. 

Time for a new book...


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