#1 Amber Magic

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The humans have no magic and are hunted for sport, but that is about to change. War is coming....

The Sun Dragon spawned nine lesser dragons which devoured their parent for the power the elder possessed. These young dragons fought for choice bits of the Sun Dragon, but each only managed to eat a portion, thus giving them specific powers. Over time, these foul dragons were hunted down and slain by heroes of old. When each body rotted away, nothing remained save for nine Jewels--each the lens of a dragon's left eye. These Nine Eyes, or Jewels, form the basis for all magic in the world.

#2 Sky Magic

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In Sky Magic, the second book of the Haven Series, the Pact that has kept the peace for centuries between humanity and the Faerie is broken. Oberon, King of the Faerie, lost his Blue Jewel and can no longer command the marching Rainbow to keep the peace. Once again the darkest and most evil of his kind plague human lands. In defense of the Haven, a champion must be chosen to wield the Axe Ambros. A magical weapon powered by the legendary Amber Jewel, the eye of a long dead golden dragon, the Axe is difficult to master.

#3 Shadow Magic

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In Shadow Magic, the third book of the Haven Series, Herla of the Wild Hunt makes his move to gather all the Jewels of Power. Hunting down and killing those who wield them, the undead king is as relentless as death itself. He is not the only interested party, however, as several armies march to meet Brand and his allies in a desperate battle for control of the River Haven. 

#4 Dragon Magic

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In Dragon Magic, the fourth book of the Haven Series, the Kindred call upon Brand for help. Things are not right in their kingdom beneath Snowdon. Modi has led a treasure-hunting expedition deep into the Everdark, a place where spine-terrors, blind croaking things and great wurms reside. But it's been weeks, Modi is overdue, and the Gudrin fears the worst. Brand journeys into the magnesium bowels and beyond, and discovers things buried there that he wishes he had never disturbed.

#5 Blood Magic

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The Red Jewel is rediscovered and wielded in this, Book #5 of the series. Blood Magic reigns supreme, but who will master the Red Jewel first? The elder races gather, unhappy with the upstart humans and their possession of powerful Jewels. Brand leads an army of the River Folk and the Wee Folk to the Black Mountains to answer the request of the Kindred for aid. Enemy hosts march to face him. Fantastic forces are unleashed upon the world in a new war that will not be soon forgotten.

#6 Death Magic



The Black Jewel awakens in DEATH MAGIC, book six of the series. Known as the Primal Jewels, the Black, the Quicksilver and the Sunstone have long been lost. This is the story of their return to the lands of Cymru. 

Many old evils stir. Four score marriages between the Fae and the River Folk result in interesting offspring that have not been seen for centuries. King Arawn of the Dead schemes to raise an army to invade the River Haven. The Kindred face a mysterious plague, Myrrdin is nowhere to be found and Oberon is up to something….

#7 Dream Magic



Long awaited, Dream Magic has finally been released and ends the Haven Series. Twice the length of any other story this book includes three appendices that explain and discuss the underlying world. Brand is no longer young, but he still wields a mean Axe. Myrrdin and Oberon resolve their differences as father and son at last. A new power, the most terrifying ever seen, arises and threatens all the rest. In the final war of the Jewels, every power of the Nine plays a key role. Brand’s usual allies turn against him, while former enemies become friends. Who is on which side? Who can Brand trust, and who is secretly aligned against him? He must make his choice and wield his flashing axe justly…

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