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#1 To Dream With The Dragons

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Therian is a prince who inherits a dying land. Each year the sun dims in the sky and glaciers consume more of his kingdom. In early spring, birds are found dead in their nests, welded by ice to their silent young. Therian sets out to rekindle the sun, to return summer to his land. But to do so will require vast power. A single dark path lies open to him: he must dream with the Dragons and learn the sacrificial rites of sorcery. Armed with his twin ancestral blades and his growing knowledge of the dark arts, he searches the worlds for their most terrible secrets.

#2 The Dragon-Child

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The Dragons dream of us, even as we dream of them....

Therian and Gruum set out to rekindle the dimming sun. Anduin the Black Dragon has set them upon a path southward, and completing the quest she gives them will gain her patronage. They set sail but...things go badly. The pair finds themselves embroiled with a cutthroat crew, a dead comrade and an unkillable sea monster.... 

#3 Of Shadows And Dragons



To dream with the Dragons one must find them when they slumber....

Therian and Gruum meet new and old enemies on the icy slopes of a mountain overlooking the ancient city of Kem. Stalked by death, madness and formless shades, they seek to light the sun in a world full of ice. Anduin the Black Dragon has sent them here, but what are her true purposes?

#4 The Swords of Corium



When dreams come...how can a man be certain he dreams alone?

Therian and Gruum must defend Hyborea in battle. The kingdom is old, weak and rich...a bad combination. While the Hyboreans prepare the ancient walls of Corium to meet marauders from southern lands, Gruum learns more about the struggle between the Dragons and the strange requirements of becoming Anduin's champion. In this adventure, the pair meets terrifying new enemies...some dead, some alive and others that are elemental in nature.

#5 The Sorcerer's Bane



Do the dead dream? If so, what could cause them to wake?

Strange events haunt Corium’s Necropolis. The Order of the Red Dragon is at the throats of the Order of the Black. The Red Priests summon an ancient horror while the Black Priestesses build a fresh one. Both endanger Hyborea, meanwhile the city and the people face starvation. Shall Therian burn out one side or the other…or both? 

#6 The Dragon Wicked



When death is met in a dream, where does the dreamer awaken?

The Sun dims over Corium to its lowest ebb. Auguries are cast again and again using human entrails, but always the results are the same: the ice will come this winter and never shall it leave the fabled Isle. Gruum and Therian set out upon the final stage of their quest to save Hyborea, but to reach the skies they will have to dig deeply into the Earth…and into their own hearts.

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