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Red Company: Contact Book #3 Coming to audible!

Everyone wants a piece of the newly discovered alien tech, and they’re willing to fight over it. As tensions rise between Earth’s various factions, and the mining vessel Borag is refitted for war. She becomes a key player in a brewing conflict that threatens to shatter the fragile balance of power in the Solar System.

Sergeant Devin Starn of Red Company, the marine attachment stationed aboard Borag, heads into deep space once again. Starn and his squad must navigate a treacherous web of deceit and hidden agendas, defending their ship from increasingly powerful enemies.

In B. V Larson’s RED COMPANY: CONTACT, Starn faces his most harrowing challenges yet. Red Company’s saga continues, exploring the vast expanse of the cosmos and seeking to answer the great question: what came before humanity?
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Red Company book #4 by B.V. Larson

Audiobook performed by Mark Boyett

Available January!

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Like Space Combat?

Kyle Riggs is snatched by an alien spacecraft sometime after midnight. The ship is testing everyone it catches and murdering the weak. The good news is that Kyle keeps passing tests and staying alive. The bad news is the aliens who sent this ship are the nicest ones out there....

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I, James McGill, was born in 2099 on the fringe of the galaxy. When Hegemony Financial denied my loan applications, I was kicked out of the university and I turned to the stars as a mercenary.

Like Galactic Smugglers?

Captain Bill Gorman has mysteriously disappeared. His clone, set aside for a dark day like this, awakens and begins to put together the pieces. What’s gone wrong out on the frontier? And what happened to the original Captain Gorman?

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